Friday, May 7, 2010

Third day of my cold and third day of not running :(

I caught little Stephen's cold and this has now been my 3rd day in a row of not running. If I talk too much, laugh, or start to breathe heavy, I begin to cough uncontrollably! I tried biking yesterday, figuring that at least would get my heart rate up a little but I had to quit after only 3 miles because I was coughing the whole time! Tomorrow I have to work and then we're taking my MIL out for an (early) Mother's Day dinner, so that doesn't look especially promising either. Oh well, at least it is a scale-back week. My long run is only supposed to be a 10K this week and hopefully I will be able to get that in on Sunday morning! It will be a great Mother's Day present to myself :)

Hope all the Mommies enjoy their day!

The pic is last year - my first Mother's Day :)

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