Friday, May 14, 2010

Baking bread, making scrapbooks, and gearing up for my 9 miler!

Today was a very productive day. This morning I decided that I was going to try Judi's bread recipe that she posted over on her blog, Twelve Fit Feet. Since her granola recipe last week was so good, I had high hopes for the bread as well! My little sou chef and I made the dough and set it aside to rise for an hour. I figured that it was the perfect amount of time to get ready and do a quick 3 miler with the jogging stroller.

(Backing up).....I had a tough run on Wednesday on the treadmill - not sure if it was just an off day, or if it was because I haven't been on the treadmill in a while, but it just wasn't a great run mentally. I really wanted to get in the 3 I had scheduled today, since tomorrow is my long run. I hate to go into a long run with a not-so-good run in the back of my head.

(Back to present!)......So anyways, we get dressed and ready, head outside with sippy cup and 2 trucks in hand, open the garage door, and....the jogger is in the back of hubby's car. At work. Ugh. My first thought was to just jump in the car and go to the Y. BUT, the bread was rising and I REALLY didn't want to get back on that treadmill!

So I called my neighbor and she took the little one while I banged out a quick 3 miles (and felt great!).

We came back home, baked the bread, ran a few errands (including mailing the NYC Marathon Premade Scrapbook pages I had listed on Etsy...sorry to anyone who had their eye on those!) and came back home to try the bread for lunch. IT WAS GREAT!!!! The little one LOVED it and kept asking for more!

Now on to the scrapbooks. I finished up my Race Bib Scrapbook, started a graduation album, which you can see listed on Etsy HERE, and organized the paper and materials that I am going to use on Amanda's album that she won in Running Diva Mom's giveaway.

With such a busy day, I decided that it was worth a post. I am especially proud of the bread and can't wait to eat more tomorrow! I'm going to use it in place of my usual bagel before I hit the streets for my big 9 miler. And I'll leave you with this picture of my little sou chef excitedly waiting for that bread to be done! (Please excuse the whoopie cushion in his hands!!! haha!)

Have a great weekend!

Laura Elaine

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  1. The bread looks great! Enjoy your run tomorrow!