Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beautiful Day: check. Positive Attitude: check. 9 mile run: CHECK!

Any time that I complete a long run that is a distance that I haven't run since my previous race and/or training, it is a such good feeling. Today was no different!

I woke up to a beautiful blue sky with just a few little puffy clouds, a nice breeze, and a POSITIVE ATTITUDE! I was really looking forward to this run and couldn't wait to get out there on this nice day.

Once I am up to a 5 or 6 mile long run in my training, I like to do a figure-8 loop with my house being the "belly" of the 8. I have a 5 mile out-and-back which entails leaving my neighborhood, and then I can build miles on that 5 by trotting in and out of other neighborhoods along the way. Today I built up to 6 miles by adding one extra neighborhood. Once I was back at the house (the "belly"!), I re-hydrated and grabbed some more GU Chomps that I left in the driveway, and continued along my way. The remaining 3 miles I did in my neighborhood. This is one of my favorite ways to complete a long run because I don't think of it as going out and doing 9 miles. I get the 6 done first, then just have to do my usual 3 mile loop around here that I have done HUNDREDS of times!

The run was a good one and I felt great the whole way. I had hydrated well and decided to bring some nutrition along with me. Like I had mentioned earlier, I used some strawberry GU Chomps. I have used some other chewy-nutrition supplements in the past and wasn't thrilled with them, but had heard great things about the chomps from other bloggers and wanted to give them a try. They tasted great and did the trick - I will definitely be getting more to use for next week's 10 mile training run and for the half in 2 weeks!

Have a great weekend!
Laura Elaine

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