Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Loved the skirt! And last day for FREE SHIPPING at my Etsy shop

Just a quick post to say, I LOVED THE RUNNING SKIRT!! I posted last night about how I was so excited to try it out and let me say, it did not dissapoint! (You can see that post HERE) It was super comfy and I felt great in it. I cannot wait to buy my second skirt!

I set out to do about a 5 miler - I did a slight variation on a newer loop that I had tried about 2 weeks ago. That loop was 5.7 and I cut it down today...it ended up being 4.8 once I mapmyrun.com'ed it :) I really need to get my hands on one of those Garmins. Or at least a regular watch.

But back to the skirt. I really did love it. The only thing I can say is that I did notice a little chub rub, which wasn't a problem today, but I can see how on longer runs it may be. Oh well, that's what the BodyGlide is for! I didn't take pics today, but the next time I wear it, I will be sure to capture my after workout glow!

PS - Tomorrow (June 30) is the LAST DAY for FREE SHIPPING on running scrapbook items at my Etsy shop. You can check out all the cute running scrapbook layouts and running race bib scrapbooks HERE.

Have a great Wednesday tomorrow!!
Laura Elaine

Monday, June 28, 2010

My first running skirt!

Ahhh I'm so excited! I have been wanting to try a running skirt and about a week and a half ago, I noticed that Mel at Tall Mom on the Run had posted that RunningSkirts.com was having a sale! So I went over to their site to check it out...and today was they day it came! It's bright pink with a lighter pink stripe down each side. There are briefs underneath and there are two pockets, one on each side, with a velcro at the top to close them - seems like a key, Gu, or possibly even a cell phone would fit in them. And the material is soooooo comfy! (I am sitting here wearing it now- haven't taken it off since I got home!) I used to be a gymnast and it reminds me of the lycra that my leotards were made of. I am very excited to try it out tomorrow! I'll let ya know how it goes.

The winner of a $15 gift card to my Etsy shop, from Bobbie at 2010 Journey in Running's giveaway is H Love. Congrats! Can't wait to see what you pick out!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm featured on a blog....

Misti from Prarie Wind Notions has featured one of my scrapbooks in her latest blog! You can check out her posting HERE. Misti has some ADORABLE handmade items at her Etsy shop, ranging from Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags, HERE, to toddler dresses, HERE. Unfortunately on the running side, Misit was unable to run in the half marathon yesterday that she had been training for, due to and injury. Head over and send her some encouragement and check out her awesome items!
Laura Elaine

Only 4 more days of FREE SHIPPING on Running Scrapbooks on my Etsy site!

In honor of national running day back on June 2, I have been running a promo at my Etsy shop for the whole month of June - free shipping on all running related scrapbook items! You can check out my Etsy shop HERE. I have premade scrapbook pages for marathons, premade race record albums, and also premade pages for specific marathons (Boston, Disney, Princess Half, etc). My latest item is a two page spread titled, "We Race for a CURE." You can check out that listing HERE.
If you would like to take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING, you better hurry! Only 4 days left!

As far as my running goes this week, I have gotten in 9 miles. Not exactly what I would have wanted (or PLANNED for!) but I was sick for a few days earlier this week, so I will take that 9 for now!!! Today I got out early and took Stephen with me - Steve had worked late last night and was still sleeping - so we packed up a sippy of milk, some Kix and raisins in a little bowl, some books, and off we went! I did 4 miles and was so happy - I usually only do 3 when I have the jogger, but since he was occupied and hadn't fussed AT ALL I decided to add the additional mile on! And now we have the whole day to enjoy this beautiful sunshine....ahhhhh summer :)

Have a great Sunday!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Timlin 5k Race Recap, Father's Day, and Garden Peas!

It's been a few days since I've posted because we've had some busy days! On Saturday we had the Sharon Timlin Memorial 5k Race in Hopkinton, MA. Sharon Timin had ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease) and her son Mike was a relief pitcher for the Red Sox. This is the second year that we participated in the race. My husband and I ran the 5k and my mom walked it. It was a beautiful, warm June day and hubby and I ran the whole thing together - the first time we've ever done this! It was a lot of fun! My dad watched w/Stephen and then after the race we hung around for all of the family-friendly festivities.

Stephen got his face painted for the first time! Here he is with Steve - you can also kinda see his "Run Daddy Run" t-shirt. I got it from Family Fan Club - they have a TON of cool shirts, stickers, etc to cheer on your family. Check out their website HERE.

Steve, me, and my mom after the race.

Last year after we ran, we were able to get Mike Timlin's autograph, along with fellow Red Sox Pitcher Tim Wakefield's. This year we were pretty sure that Wakefield wouldn't be there, since he was scheduled to start the game on Saturday. My Dad confirmed this to me after we finished the race. He says, "You were right, Wakefield isn't here. But guess who is....."

YUP!!! That's Big Papi, aka David Ortiz!!!! He was there signing autographs! Stephen was so funny - we kept telling him when we were waiting in line that we were going to see Big Papi. He kept repeating, "big puppy", so he was very confused when there was no dog when we got to the front of the line :)

Showing off his face paint

Sunday, for Father's Day, we took a little trip to a nearby state park that has a great new playground. Here are the boys playing on the swings

Stephen and Steve - heading down to the table for out picnic lunch!

And last but not least - we have peas in our garden! I've been picking about one or two each day, but today when we went outside, there were a ton ready to be picked! Stephen loves them - he really is my little "veggie monster!"

The peas we picked today. I have been saving plastic strawberry, blueberry, and cherry tomato containers to put my veggies in when I pick them.

Stephen eating some more peas! I gave him his own container to put peas in when we picked them, but they didn't last long!!!


Well, it's naptime, so I'm off to do laundry and start some scrapbooks! Have a great day everyone!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Newest Running Scrapbook - "My First Marathon"

My latest premade scrapbook pages! The colors are brighty and summery, perfect for anyone who has just completed their FIRST MARATHON! I just listed them on Etsy, HERE.

On a running note, I have yet to get a run in this week. The little guy has been sick, so I didn't get out Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday I stayed home from work with him and figured I would take him out in the jogger for a little mid-morning "rest" for him. WRONG. Hubby had the jogger in his car at work. So I hooked up the bike trailer and we went for a short ride. Today I went into work for 7am (not getting up and running before THAT!!) and then just got back from MIL's bday dinner. Whew. I WILL RUN TOMORROW. I am hoping to get my butt out of bed early for 3 or 4 miles. Otherwise, I'm going to be pushing the jogger in the 90 degree heat and humidity!!!

As far as following my workout plan, I am not too far off, even though I haven't run. I did Pilates one morning, strenght/core work one afternoon, and then the bike ride for (very minimal) cross training.
Have a great night!
Laura Elaine

Naptime Accomplishment!

Even though yesterday was my Mother-in-Law's birthday, we are taking her out tonight to celebrate. Today during naptime, I made her a little scrapbook-y type card using one of our leftover wedding invitations. This is the second time that I have made a card out of them and it came out just as cute as the first! (The first one was a Valentine's Day card and unfortunately I don't have a picture of it).

It's folded up and secured with a pretty teal ribbon....
I love when you start to open it that you see these cute little eyes peeking out at you!

It works as an all-in-one gift: birthday card meets picture frame meets cute pic of the grandson to put on the desk! So easy to make AND I'm using leftover pieces - double bonus! Hmmmm...you may be seing these on Etsy in the future! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Simply Breathless Giveaway

A fellow EtsyMom's product is being featured in a giveaway! She has the Etsy shop, Simply Breathless, which specializes in homemade bath and body products! Some of the things on her shop include soaps, scrubs, lip balms, and even scented pillow spray! You can check out all of her awesome products at Simply Breathless, HERE. The giveaway is being featured on EtsyMom's Blog, and you can find that HERE.

Have a great day!
Laura Elaine

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Crazy week and it's only Tuesday!

Just as I had promised, here are the finished pictures of the album that I made my Dad for Father's Day. It is just a simple album, but anytime you give pics of the little guy, it is sure to be a big hit!

Can you tell these guys love tractors???

When we found the John Deere stickers in the craft store last week, I knew right away what Papa was going to get for Father's Day!

I am also proud to announce that Bobbie over at 2010 Journey in Running is hosting a giveaway featuring my scrapbooks! Go on over to her site HERE and check it out - you can get a chance to win a $15 credit toward my ETSY shop!

And here we go again, another round of double ear infections! Running was put on the back burner the past 2 days because of a sick little guy. I already am planning on getting out for around a 4 miler early tomorrow morning, and hope to do the same on Thursday and Friday. Let's hope for no rain!!!!!

Happy Wednesday everyone :)
Laura Elaine

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Recap and Healthy Snacks To Go Giveaway

Nothing too exciting from Central Mass this weekend. Yesterday - rain....work....lazy day. Today - more rain....work picnic (the rain held off for most of it)...and more laziness. It was actually a nice break from our usually crazy, on-the-go weekends.

As a family, we have been trying to eat healthier - less packaged, preservative-filled food - and replacing it with more natural stuff. This has been challenging, yet fun. I have found some awesome websites to follow with great recipes. It definitely takes some time and planning, but we are enjoying it! One of the blogs that I follow, Heavenly Homemakers, is offering a giveaway for an EBook called Snacks to Go. You can check out her review HERE and enter the giveaway.

Two scrapbooks are in the plans for this week - one for my mother-in-law's bday and the other for my Dad for Father's Day. Stay tuned to see the finished pics!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Blog Makeover and Yay! for My Plan

So I got a little tired of the black background on my blog and went searching for something new, bright, and fun! A few of the blogs that I follow use a template from a site called "The Cutest Blog on the Block." I went over to the site to check out what they had and I was very impressed! I probably tried a dozen or so templates for the background before I finally made the decision for this one! They have so many great background there that it was hard to decide, but I really like this one. Hopefully it makes my blog a little easier to read. You can check out The Cutest Blog on the Block HERE.

In my last post, I mentioned the plan that I had come up with for working out since I don't have any upcoming big races. I just want to say I am very glad that I wrote it down because it forced me to get out and do a quick 3 miles before dinner tonight!!! Ahhh the things we are accountable for once they are in writing! :)

Have a great weekend everyone!
Laura Elaine

PS - only 1 more mile puts me at 200 miles since March!!!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I had mentioned earlier that now that my half marathon is over, I am back to struggling with what the heck to do everyday! This is why I always have to keep signing up for races! Hubby and I are still deciding what half is going to work best for us to run the fall (he is running NYC Marathon, so we're trying to line one up that will work well w/his training schedule), but since that is sooooo far away, I need some motivation for NOW.

So I decided I needed to come up with a PLAN - something in writing that will help me keep my workouts in check and maintain the weightloss, as well as keeping up the endurance, that I just got with training for this last half. I didn't want anything too crazy, but I knew that I just needed to come up with something that is reasonable for me to stick with! It's nothing fancy, but hopefully by posting it on the blog, it will help keep me accountable :)

Here it is (don't get too excited now!):

*RUNNING: 3 - 4 days/week, consisting of 2 - 3 shorter runs (3 - 4 miles each) and one longer run (5 - 6 miles). This is a very reasonable goal for me and will also help to keep a good base for when I start to train for my next half.

*CROSS TRAINING: 1 - 2 days/week, consisting of biking, walking, hiking, or chasing a 21-month old around the playground.....hmmmm it should count, right???

*STRENGTH TRAINING: I would love to say 2 - 3 times per week, but for now I'm going to say 1 time per week and try to build from there.

*YOGA/PILATES: 1 time/week. I used to do Pilates all the time and LOVED it, but have slacked off lately. I also have just started to do some Yoga DVDs and it feels AWESOME after a long run.

Well there it is. Written down. Organized. Measurable. I have a running log book where I keep track of all of my runs (besides DailyMile) and I think I will sit down at the beginning of the week to plan out which day I am going to do what.

Any thoughts? What works well to keep you motivated between races???
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Motivation & GoLite HydroClutch

The only upcoming race on my schedule right now is a 5K on June 19th. Since I'm coming off of my half marathon training, this isn't exceptionally motivational to me. I usually need a BIG race or a training schedule WRITTEN DOWN to help keep me on track.

This past weekend I had a PR in a 5K, so that helped get me excited and I had an AWESOME 4 mile run on Monday morning. I felt great the whole time I was out there, I was excited to have gotten up early while my boys were still sleeping, and it was a gorgeous morning. I was hoping that this excitement would motivate me to come up with a written training plan. It didn't.

But today I went to the mailbox and what was there? My GOLITE HYDROCLUTCH that I won over at Running Diva Mom's blog (along w/2 Gu packets!). I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Not only is this my first win in the blog world, but after running the half in the heat and humidity a few weeks ago, I knew that I was going to need to look into some sort of hydration gadget. I was thinking about running 3 or 4 tomorrow morning (remember, no written training plan, so I just kinda go with it!) but now that I received my handly little clutch, I just mapped out a 5.3 mile loop and set my alarm for 5:45am!!!

Now if only I can get myself to WRITE DOWN and PLAN my runs...or maybe I just need to sign up for another race....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

5K Running Scrapbook

Yesterday was my Aunt's first 5k run/walk (you can read about our family 5k race results HERE). She has been following a run/walk training plan with her goals being yesterday's 5k and another one in 2 weeks. I was so proud of her that I decided she needed a cute little scrapbook to document her AWESOME accomplishments!!! Here are the pics!

The pages without mats will be for her race bibs and the other mats will be for her pictures and/or writing about her journey becoming a runner!

If you are interested in a RUNNING RACE SCRAPBOOK to document your accomplishments or one to store your race bibs, please feel free to contact me at Laurak1228 at yahoo dot com or visit my ETSY page HERE. FREE SHIPPING on all RUNNING related scrapbooks for the month of JUNE at my Etsy site!

Thanks for looking! Laura Elaine

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Road ID Discount

I ordered a ROAD ID egift card for my sister for her birthday. In doing so, ROAD ID sent me a discount code for $1 off any future ROAD ID orders and encouraged me to share the code! It can be used up to 20 times until May 28th.

So here it is:


You can check out Road ID's website HERE to see the great items they offer. Or click HERE to have the code already added to your cart. ENJOY!!! :)

5K PR!!!!

We did a family 5K today near my parent's house in upstate NY today. Hubby, sis, and I ran, along with my Aunt who was doing her FIRST 5k! She has been doing a run/walk program with Fleet Feet and this was her first race. My Mom, Uncle, and cousin's girlfriend all completed the walk. My Dad stayed with Stephen so no run for him today!
Pinning on our bibs
Our family!
I was really hoping to break the 30 minute mark and was pretty sure that I would be able to do it since I have completed some training runs in less than that. It was a hot day again, but knowing the course helped a lot, and I dumped some water over my head before we even started to help cool off. Sis and I were together for most of it, with hubby not too far behind, but then he took the lead with about .5 left. It was an out-and-back course, which I think is great for a small town race like this so you can end up seeing all of the other runners at one point or another.

As I approached the finish line, I glanced toward the clock and saw that it was 28:something and I was SO EXCITED! My chip time ended up being 29:13! Yay!
Sis ended up beating my by 6 seconds :)
My aunt finished with the BIGGEST smile on her face and she commentd that this was one of the best things that she has ever done (I think she's hooked!). We are all so proud of her :)

Hope everyone else that raced this weekend had a great one!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Running Watch Recommendations

Does anyone have a running watch that they LOVE??? I am looking for a watch - nothing fancy, hopefully around $50 or less. I would love a GPS one, but I know that it's just not in the budget right now. The main thing I would like is a lap counter. Right now I use my Ipod for timing my runs and it is just a pain in the butt! I have checked out some watches at EMS and other sites online...I seem to keep stumbling across the Times Ironman watches. Does anyone have one of these and have any opinions about it?

Any input would be appreciated! Thanks!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

FREE SHIPPING at my ETSY site, and I won something!

Today is National Running Day, but my legs are still a little shot from my half this past Sunday. So I got up this morning and decided to do some Yoga instead. I quickly checked my email as I was drinking some agua and saw that I had won Jamie's Virtual 1 mile race to benefit Girls on the Run! I won a golite Hydroclutch water bottle which I am super excited about, especially after the heat this past weekend in my race. You can check out the race results over at Jamie's site, Running Diva Mom HERE. So exciting!! :)
Stephen and I before the one-miler:

Also, in honor of National Running Day, I am also offering FREE SHIPPING for the ENTIRE month of JUNE on all running-themed scrapbooks and pages at my Etsy shop. Check it out HERE!

Enjoy your day!