Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Timlin 5k Race Recap, Father's Day, and Garden Peas!

It's been a few days since I've posted because we've had some busy days! On Saturday we had the Sharon Timlin Memorial 5k Race in Hopkinton, MA. Sharon Timin had ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease) and her son Mike was a relief pitcher for the Red Sox. This is the second year that we participated in the race. My husband and I ran the 5k and my mom walked it. It was a beautiful, warm June day and hubby and I ran the whole thing together - the first time we've ever done this! It was a lot of fun! My dad watched w/Stephen and then after the race we hung around for all of the family-friendly festivities.

Stephen got his face painted for the first time! Here he is with Steve - you can also kinda see his "Run Daddy Run" t-shirt. I got it from Family Fan Club - they have a TON of cool shirts, stickers, etc to cheer on your family. Check out their website HERE.

Steve, me, and my mom after the race.

Last year after we ran, we were able to get Mike Timlin's autograph, along with fellow Red Sox Pitcher Tim Wakefield's. This year we were pretty sure that Wakefield wouldn't be there, since he was scheduled to start the game on Saturday. My Dad confirmed this to me after we finished the race. He says, "You were right, Wakefield isn't here. But guess who is....."

YUP!!! That's Big Papi, aka David Ortiz!!!! He was there signing autographs! Stephen was so funny - we kept telling him when we were waiting in line that we were going to see Big Papi. He kept repeating, "big puppy", so he was very confused when there was no dog when we got to the front of the line :)

Showing off his face paint

Sunday, for Father's Day, we took a little trip to a nearby state park that has a great new playground. Here are the boys playing on the swings

Stephen and Steve - heading down to the table for out picnic lunch!

And last but not least - we have peas in our garden! I've been picking about one or two each day, but today when we went outside, there were a ton ready to be picked! Stephen loves them - he really is my little "veggie monster!"

The peas we picked today. I have been saving plastic strawberry, blueberry, and cherry tomato containers to put my veggies in when I pick them.

Stephen eating some more peas! I gave him his own container to put peas in when we picked them, but they didn't last long!!!


Well, it's naptime, so I'm off to do laundry and start some scrapbooks! Have a great day everyone!

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  1. Sounds like you've had a couple of great days.

    There is nothing better than fresh peas - oh, I miss those....You can grow them here in AZ, but I'm not that skilled with growing things in this heat :).