Thursday, June 17, 2010

Newest Running Scrapbook - "My First Marathon"

My latest premade scrapbook pages! The colors are brighty and summery, perfect for anyone who has just completed their FIRST MARATHON! I just listed them on Etsy, HERE.

On a running note, I have yet to get a run in this week. The little guy has been sick, so I didn't get out Monday or Tuesday. Wednesday I stayed home from work with him and figured I would take him out in the jogger for a little mid-morning "rest" for him. WRONG. Hubby had the jogger in his car at work. So I hooked up the bike trailer and we went for a short ride. Today I went into work for 7am (not getting up and running before THAT!!) and then just got back from MIL's bday dinner. Whew. I WILL RUN TOMORROW. I am hoping to get my butt out of bed early for 3 or 4 miles. Otherwise, I'm going to be pushing the jogger in the 90 degree heat and humidity!!!

As far as following my workout plan, I am not too far off, even though I haven't run. I did Pilates one morning, strenght/core work one afternoon, and then the bike ride for (very minimal) cross training.
Have a great night!
Laura Elaine


  1. I love that My First Marathon scrapbook!! Sooo cute!

  2. Great First Marathon pages!

    Ah, life gets in the way of running to often, but you'll be fine. At least you're getting your other workouts in!

  3. I love your scrapbooks !! You are very creative

  4. I just looked at these on Etsy this morning, I thought your bib book is a great idea! I just started a 5K program and wanted to give a gift to my 2 running buddies I met in the program. I haven't ran a race yet, so I don't have any bibs, but I'm looking forward to collecting them soon! Awesome Books!