Sunday, June 6, 2010

5K Running Scrapbook

Yesterday was my Aunt's first 5k run/walk (you can read about our family 5k race results HERE). She has been following a run/walk training plan with her goals being yesterday's 5k and another one in 2 weeks. I was so proud of her that I decided she needed a cute little scrapbook to document her AWESOME accomplishments!!! Here are the pics!

The pages without mats will be for her race bibs and the other mats will be for her pictures and/or writing about her journey becoming a runner!

If you are interested in a RUNNING RACE SCRAPBOOK to document your accomplishments or one to store your race bibs, please feel free to contact me at Laurak1228 at yahoo dot com or visit my ETSY page HERE. FREE SHIPPING on all RUNNING related scrapbooks for the month of JUNE at my Etsy site!

Thanks for looking! Laura Elaine

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  1. That's great - I bet your aunt will absolutely love this!!!