Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Motivation & GoLite HydroClutch

The only upcoming race on my schedule right now is a 5K on June 19th. Since I'm coming off of my half marathon training, this isn't exceptionally motivational to me. I usually need a BIG race or a training schedule WRITTEN DOWN to help keep me on track.

This past weekend I had a PR in a 5K, so that helped get me excited and I had an AWESOME 4 mile run on Monday morning. I felt great the whole time I was out there, I was excited to have gotten up early while my boys were still sleeping, and it was a gorgeous morning. I was hoping that this excitement would motivate me to come up with a written training plan. It didn't.

But today I went to the mailbox and what was there? My GOLITE HYDROCLUTCH that I won over at Running Diva Mom's blog (along w/2 Gu packets!). I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Not only is this my first win in the blog world, but after running the half in the heat and humidity a few weeks ago, I knew that I was going to need to look into some sort of hydration gadget. I was thinking about running 3 or 4 tomorrow morning (remember, no written training plan, so I just kinda go with it!) but now that I received my handly little clutch, I just mapped out a 5.3 mile loop and set my alarm for 5:45am!!!

Now if only I can get myself to WRITE DOWN and PLAN my runs...or maybe I just need to sign up for another race....


  1. Signing up for another race usually works for me...as long as they aren't too far in the future that is...Glad that you're feeling good after your half marathon. Good luck writing down that plan ;)!

  2. I love my hydroclutch. It worked great during my race a couple weeks ago. Enjoy! :)