Thursday, May 20, 2010

Disney Marathon Scrapbook for Amanda!

When Jamie at Running Diva Mom contacted me a month or so ago to have my scrapbooks featured in one of her giveaways, I was very excited and very grateful! I have since made a scrapbook for Jamie's upcoming Madison Marathon (you can see her review for it HERE) and now have finished up a Disney Marathon Weekend Scrapbook for Amanda from Alone in Walt Disney World, the winner of Jamie's giveaway! This Disney scrapbook is so cute, it almost motivates me to want to do that crazy Goofy Challenge!

The book itself is an 8" x 8" bound chipboard album. It is embellished with scrapbook paper, cardstock, Mickey and Friends chipboard tags, and stickers - all with a Disney and running theme. Amanda will be participating in the 2011 Disney Family Fun Run 5k, the Disney Half Marathon, and the Disney Marathon - combining for the Goofy Challenge! There is room in the book for all 3 of her race bibs, room for journaling her finish times, and 11 mats for photos from her amazing weekend.
I am so happy with how this book came out. It is such a nice way to display race bibs and memories from your races that you train so hard for. Another option for a race scrapbook like this is just to have race bibs in it - one on each page. Feel free to contact me via this blog, or through my Etsy site HERE if you are interested in one of these scrapbooks!
First page spread: Family Fun Run 5K - room for pic on the left page; bib on right page:

Second page: Half Marathon! Room on left page for pic and journaling; right page for bib:

Third page: MARATHON! Again, pic and journaling on left; bib on right, with running quote (see following picture):

Close up of "marathon" definition:

Fourth page spread: Goofy! Room for 3 additional photos:

Fifth page spread: 4 mats for additional photos/memories:

Back cover: one more mat for photo:

Thanks for looking!

Laura Elaine


  1. Awesome book, wish I could win one or even offer one as a giveaway myself. I would like one dedicated just to 5ks

  2. This looks amazing! Can't wait to see it in person!

  3. I love it!!! Glad you guys worked together to create something awesome -- I KNEW you would! I will be posting about this on my blog, Laura! Thanks again for offering this!!

  4. That is such a cute book - I would love one. You can tell you really take time to integrate the "idea" throughout the book. Love it.

  5. Thanks Linda! I just checked out your blog - you are an inspiration! Keep on running girl! :)