Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Race Bib Scrapbook!!

I have been excited about this new album and was finally able to start to put it together today!
I have been searching for the best way to display race bibs with a running scrapbook and I found a bound 8" x 8" chipboard album. I decided to be greedy and make this one for ME for a change :) I have a lot of it done already, thanks to a nice long nap today from Stephen, and from some nice "coloring time" earlier this morning. Coloring time with my 20-month-old consists of him emptying out and then filling back up his cup of crayons, an occasional nibble, a frequent "uh-oh" as a crayon tumbles to the ground, and oh yeah - a very occasional scribble in the coloring book :) So cute.
Anyways, I ended up getting a lot more done that I anticipated and am so happy with the results! I was able to finish about 4 -5 pages of pictures and then left the facing pages blank so I can add the bibs (pictures to come!).
If you are interested in having a custom scrapbook created for your race bibs, photos, newspaper clippings, and other memories, please feel free to contact me at laurak1228 at yahoo dot com.
Thanks for reading!
Laura Elaine


  1. Love, love nap time! It is quiet time here right now, although they all ventured out doors and I'm not sure what is happening! :)

    Scrapbook looks great!

  2. Is this my bday present? HEHEHE

  3. No Heidi, it's not your bday present!! But if you bring your bibs next week, we can make one for you! :)