Friday, May 28, 2010

Good think its taper week!

There is officially less than 48 hours until my half marathon, Boston's Run to Remember!!! I am very excited! The weather looks to be great (maybe a little hot, but no rain!) and I am going to be running w/my sister. Very cool!

The only thing that I am a little nervous about is that I have only been able to run once this week. And it was only 2 miles. My left knee has been sore since my 10 miler-last Sunday - worst going up and down stairs and deep squatting. Just some patello-femoral pain, probably triggered by my oh-so-lovely tight ITB. I was able to get through the 2 miles on Wednesday morning, but it was still sore. I know that I could probably get out and push through the 3 that I was planning on doing today, but I know that will just inflame it more. I am so glad that it's taper week, otherwise I would be more nervous about not keeping up with my miles!

I am more than certain that I will be able to finish the race, possible with pain, but hopefully the adrenaline will be in full force and get me through!

Anyone else racing this weekend?

Have a great Memorial Day!!!!


  1. Good luck to you -- thinking of you!!!!

  2. Hope your race went well today! Hopefully it wasn't too warm and that your knee held up okay. Looking forward to your report. ;)

  3. Hope your knee didn't give you trouble during the race and that you had a fabulous time!

    BTW - I got my scrapbook. It's amazing - thank you so much. I hope to post a review on my blog soon :)!