Friday, April 30, 2010

One month of blogging down!

So as my first month of blogging comes to an end, I have realized how much I actually am addicted to it! There is an entire running community out there, especially Mommy runners, who are an awesome support group. This blog started out as a way to get the word out about my running scrapbooks, but it has developed into much more - a place to track my training; a place to vent (I can't seem to figure out how to NOT PUSH ENTER when I am making a draft copy of a post....see the previous 2 listings that I had to delete!); a place to try to win cool running stuff!; a place to connect w/other running, working, blogging Mommies; as well as a place to promote my scrapbooks.

Thank you to my new followers, it's been fun so far!

Don't forget to check out the giveaway that my scrapbooks are featured in, with a chance to WIN a $15 gift certificate to my Etsy shop! Go on over to Running Diva Mom's blog to enter, or click here!

OK, now I CAN push enter, this one I don't need to save for tomorrow :)


  1. Blogging is fun! I have really enjoyed getting to know running moms too! My small community just doesn't seem to have very many runners so it is nice to have a place to come to each day and be inspired and uplifted!

    Have a great weekend! Maybe someday I'll find time to scrapbook again! For now my four kids take up most of my time! :)

  2. Glad you'e having fun! Hope business is going well and that the last part of your half training is going great!! Have a great day, Laura!!