Sunday, April 11, 2010

Random Thoughts from a Sunday Morning 6-miler

So as I headed out the door this morning, I realized I was really excited to be doing this long run. It's the longest so far in my current 1/2 marathon training, and it's been about 7 months since I've run six miles or more. It ended up being a great run, not just for running, but for thinking. Here are some of the things "running" through my head this morning :)

1) It is perfect running weather this morning - 50 degrees and overcast, no wind

2) I actually got to enjoy running today - I didn't have to rush back to shower and go to work; I didn't have to worry about being interrupted on the treadmill at the Y by the Child Watch people to tell me that Stephen needed a diaper change; and Sunday mornings are always such a nice time to run because of the calm and quiet out there

3) Change is always good - I decided to listen to my "Chill Mix" instead of my "Running Mix". Maybe that also kept me relaxed - Bob Marley and Jack Johnson instead of Lady Gaga and Eminem. Usually I like the fast stuff, but today the chill stuff was perfect

4) I saw a blimp. Yup in the middle of Central Mass, not near any stadiums or ballparks or anything like that, I saw a blimp. It was advertising Direct TV. Weird, but it kept my mind occupied for about 5 minutes/half a mile

5) I have a new scrapbook idea! With so many runners racing for charity, I figured I would use my extra pink paper and do a Race for a Cure book. Stay tuned for progress...

6) The half mile hill back up to our house after the long runs continues to kick my butt. But I will not let it conquer me...I will not walk...although I'm not sure what I was doing was running, or even jogging...some might call it shuffling...but I DID NOT WALK! :)

Enjoy your Sunday!

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