Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cuts and Clips

I got my hair chopped a few weeks ago, and I really like the way that it came out - shorter layers in the front, probably shorter than I've had in a long time. The only problem was trying to keep them out of my face while running! I was using bobby pins at first, but since they weren't really doing the trick, I decided to seek out my fellow Etsy-ians to see what kind of help they could give me. And I found the perfect solution from Patricia at Run Wild Jewelry! Hair clips with a stamped "13.1" on them plus some decorative stars. Actually, she only had 26.2 clips listed for sale on her Etsy site, but she had a bunch of half marathon jewelry also. I contacted her to see if she would be willing to make up a pair of 13.1's for me and 8 days later, they were in my hands! I tried them out yesterday for the first time, and again today and they work perfect! No fly-away pieces and they are super cute!

If you have been looking for marathon, half marathon, or tri jewelry, please check out Run Wild Jewelry here! She has great items and can even personalize them (Boston, NYC, Austin, etc.).

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