Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hiking with the little one

We had done a lot of hiking last summer and fall with Stephen in the backpack. Up until 2 weeks ago, we hadn't been back out with it at all. Since we recently booked a vacation up to Acadia where we will be doing a lot of hiking, I decided it was probably a good idea to take Stephen out and re-acquainted with the hiking backpack.

I wasn't sure what to expect - I packed lots of distractions just in case - sippy cup, fishies, his new Woody, and his favorite lovey Monkey. At first he didn't want to get into the backpack, but once I told him we were going to find rocks, he immediately calmed down and let me put him in. (love boys!) I had to adjust the backpack, since my husband had used it last, and each time I did, I kind of had to jump up a little to tighten the straps. "Wheee!!!" was Stephen's giggly response.

The next hour of hiking was one of the best hours that I have ever spent with my son. He was SO excited to be out there. I showed him the trail markers, which were yellow, and he would get very excited each time he spotted another one, then say, "I find more!" He pointed out pine cones, trees, a dog, rocks, big rocks, more rocks (all BOY!), trail markers, and in between spotting these things, he would say, "fun Mommy!" Absolutely melted my heart.

We went again today and it was more of the same. Today we did a different trail along a pond. I still cannot get it through his head the difference between pond, lake, and ocean.....he just calls them all "pools!" Ah well, right idea little man. After 48 minutes, he told me, "All done hiking Mommy." We were almost back to the car, since I knew the 2 of us wouldn't last more than an hour.

Neither time did I need to get out any of my backup distraction items, nor did I need to stop to entertain him. This is just the beauty of nature and being outside. And I am so happy that he loves it....cuz love it or not, he's going hiking with us in Acadia :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time. It's great that he loves being outside, nature and being with his Mom. There's probably not much else that would be any better to him either :)!