Thursday, July 8, 2010

Common (Runner) Courtesy

I say hi to everyone that I pass when I'm running. Other runners. Power walkers. Cyclists. Dog-walkers. People mowing their lawn. And for the most part, they all usually say hello back. Until today.

Let me back up a minute. I don't consider myself and overly friendly person. Isn't just common courtesy to acknowledge others and say hello? Maybe it's just my Springfield College roots. From the moment you step foot on campus, you learn a few things about courtesy, how to treat others, and respect:

1- You don't walk on the grass. EVER. You stick to the sidewalks and paths and respect the campus and the people that maintain it.

2- You hold doors open for others. Even if it means waiting *GASP* 10 extra seconds so the person behind you can finish walking up the stairs to the building.

3 - Most importantly, you say hello to EVERYONE that you pass by, whether you know them or not, whether you like them or not. I can honestly say you can feel the friendliness as soon as you step on to the campus.

So back to my story from today. I dropped the car off for an oil change, and was running back to the house. I was approaching a woman on the sidewalk walking toward me. In her hand I thought I saw a take-out coffee cup. Yup she was power walking with her Super Grande Mocha Latte. As she got closer to me, I did my usual: smiled, waved, and said good morning. What did she do back? Nothing. Yup, NOTHING. No wave, no smile, no hello. Just kept on walking. Seriously?

Well, I thank you Super Grande Mocha Latte Lady. I thank you for giving me something to blog about today. I thank you for making my run go by fast, since I was brainstorming said blog post all the way back to the house. And I thank you for making me appreciate common courtesy!

So now I am passing my smile, wave, and "good morning" on to all of you! Hopefully you do the right thing back :)

Have a great day!



  1. This drives me crazy!!! I say good morning to everyone along my running route and it drives me crazy when people will not even acknowledge me! But, I do have to admit that there are just as many people who seem happy that I have greeted them and will respond. I guess this makes it all worthwhile in the end!

  2. FYI - I grew up in Agawam, Massachusetts! Springfield College is just across the river from my house :).

    Before we moved to Indiana the kids and I came along for my husband's interview. I headed out on a run one morning and was so disappointed because not one person said hello or smiled back at me when I passed them. I too always at least give a smile (sometimes I am too tired to do more than that). I wasn't so sure I wanted Indiana to become our new home! But thankfully people are friendly here maybe it was just a bad morning! :) Who knows your smile may have made her day even if she didn't respond!

  3. No one EVER says hello or smiles back at me... but then again I'm running in the mean streets of NYC :)

  4. I always give a smile and nod as I pass by. We run with the baby jogger and recently my son said, "Hi" to a couple as we passed them and they just looked at him but didn't respond. He asked, "Mommy, why didn't they want to talk to me?" It was sad..seriously, how can you ignore an adorable 2 year old?

  5. Hi - how are you? Enjoying your run?

    Okay, that's more than I say, but like you I smile, wave, nod, say good morning or some other form of acknowledgement.

    I run across all types in my journies. Most folks are nice an say something back. Nodding and waving are pretty common and I accept that.

    I don't always initiate the greeting, but I never ignore one!

  6. Found your blog on Run, Courtney, Run and I LOVE it! I am a fellow runner and your newest follower!