Monday, July 12, 2010

Pictures: Where I Run and the Running Skirt

Before I headed out for my 3 miler this morning, I was checking my blogs. One of the ones I love to follow is Racing with Babes (HERE). She always has inspiring words or funny stories about the little ones. This morning she had posted pictures from along her 8 mile run, and invited her followers to post pics of their runs too! So here they are, starting with my view from mile 1:

View from around the end of mile 2 - love the rays of sunshine!

Finishing up - closing in on 3 miles:
Ahhhh and my beautiful view of the hydrangeas as I walk up my driveway!

The after pic with my awesome new pink running skirt!!:

Of course Stephen wanted his picture taken too:

Want to try some of my blueberries?


  1. Love it! It's so cool to take a peek at what everyone sees on their runs!

    And the skirt is super cute!

  2. That's a very cool idea. Love the pictures!