Sunday, April 3, 2011

8 miles in the book!!

Just finished up my 8-miler and I felt GREAT during the whole thing!!!! 8.21 miles in 1:29:49, just under 11-minute pace. I decided during this run that it's sooo much better to go a tad slower (11:00 pace) and feel good during the whole thing, than a little faster (10:30 pace) and struggle, be negative, and not feel so great. The weather was bright sunshine, about 40 degree, and slightly windy, so it was really pretty good - a little chilly in the shade when the wind blew, but overall not too bad. I also RAN up my entire Big Hill (see my previous post here from my 6-miler where Big Hill beat me)!

Hope eveyone has a great Sunday! Enjoy those long runs today!!


  1. I knew you could beat that hill. Smart move to slow the training down a little bit - you'll pick up speed during the race because of the excitement so you don't need to worry about that during training. Congrats on a great training run - keep it up :)!

  2. Fantastic accomplishment in running up Big Hill! It always feels so great to tackle a hill and beat it!!!