Sunday, April 17, 2011

Boston Marathon Runners - Hopkinton is ready for you!

We drove through Hopkinton and over the Marathon START line on our way back from our friend's baby's Christening yesterday.

Looking up at the START - the Jeep is right on the START line. The runners would be running toward us on Monday!

Another view of the START line - again, the runners would be running toward us

"WELCOME RUNNERS" sign on the Hopkinton Common (sorry for the poor photo quality, I was talking pictures while we were driving!)

"IT ALL STARTS HERE" Hopkinton sign. Photo is taken from the road, with the START line just to the left. The gazebo in the background is right on the Common.

Spectator Crossing sign on the Common

One of the pained "flying feet" (again a drive-by photo, sorry it's blurry!)

The START line is behind us a few hundred yards. The athlete's village is actually a little walk away from the starting line at Hopkinton High School

Even though we're not able to go in to watch the race this year, it is still very exciting to see all of the prep work. Hubby ran in 2008 and 2009 so it brings back some awesome memories! Good luck to all the runners that will be toeing the line tomorrow morning in Hopkinton!!


  1. So jealous we won't be out cheering on everyone as they TAKE A RUUUUUUUN tomorrow :)

  2. Fun pictures. Thanks for sharing them!