Thursday, March 31, 2011

Three Things Thursday!

Whew! It's been so busy around here that I haven't blogged in a LOOONG time! Here are some random TTT thoughts....

1) While shopping with Munchie today, I was referred to as his Nanny. "You can't be his Mom, you must be the Nanny, right?" Hahaha, glad that I still look like I'm 12! :)

2) I am LOVING having a training plan! I love the feeling of running and completing long runs, I love seeing my miles adding up quickly on dailymile, and I love eating ice cream at 8:30 at night while blogging and not feeling guilty! My half is just 3 weeks away - Lake George Half Marathon in Lake George, NY.

3) I have been CRAZY busy with my Etsy business. Lots of custom orders for Runner's Race Bib Books are coming in - must be because everyone is getting excited about racing season and warmer weather! I cannot complain at all, I especially love making custom books where I can include an individual's name and the race/races that they have completed! Hope everyone else is staying busy, running, and looking young :)


  1. Glad to hear the training plan is going well and that you're getting ready for your next half - three weeks will be here before you know it.

    Congrats on the business - you have amazing products so it's no surprise that people like and want them :)!

  2. Half marathon in 3 weeks? How exciting!!! I too, love having a training plan - it keeps me focused and on track!