Friday, March 18, 2011

Goliath got David today.....but only for about 30 feet...

I was looking forward to today's long run since it was supposed to be another gorgeous day out. I knew it was going to be mentally tough becuase I was running in the afternoon (I'm a morning runner) and it was my reunion with my lovely hills.

If I want to run more than 3 or 4 miles, I need to leave my neighborhood. There are two choices that I have to run DOWN when I leave the neighborhood - Big Hill and Bigger hill. I usually choose Big Hill...which means I finish my long runs by running UP said big hill for the last mile back to the house. Since today had 6 on the schedule, I got to meet up with Big Hill again, for the first time since the fall.

Along with the gorgeous weather today (temp was 67 and sunny!) the wind was absolutely brutal. I really can't complain 100% about it, because I know it helped a ton to keep me cool. There were some parts of the run that I literally had to close my eyes because of the sand and leaves blowing up into my face. It felt great to be out and about on a long run though, with a training plan. I had my GoLite Hydro Clutch and had brought a Gu which I had around mile 4. Overall I was feeling great as I began the last uphill mile.

And right at mile 6, just before I reached the top of the hill, that nice ol' wind hit me HARD. I don't even think I was moving forward! So I did it...I gave in and walked to the next mailbox. Just about 30 feet, but I let it beat me. Next time Big Hill, you are all MINE!!!

I finished in just over an hour. I hit the "stop" button instead of the "lap" button at mile 1 (which was a wicked fast 8:06 DOWN the hill!), and didn't realize it until I went to hit it again at mile 2. Rest day tomorrow and probably 2 or 3 for Sunday, depending on how I feel.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Don't let it get you down...You'll get that big hill and then it'll be a tiny hill! Keep plugging along and you'll do just fine in that upcoming half!