Thursday, October 21, 2010

A place for everything and everything in it's place

What once started out as my husband's "sports basement" has now turned into my scrap booking room. The walls are decorated with all sorts of Red Sox and Patriots memorabilia, along with shadow boxes from our best/favorite/most memorable races. The only furniture down there is our old futon from college, an old end table and our old TV which isn't even hooked up to cable. So I decided to take over the room full time and give it some good use. It's one of two rooms down in our finished basement, and I can gate off the doorway so little fingers can't get into any of my stuff. The only downfall to all of this is that I can just leave my mess, since the room isn't used for anything else.

Well, today I decided that it had to end. I recently was given the opportunity to review an item from CSN stores, so I chose some clear plastic scrap booking storage cases. Six of them came as a pack and they have been sitting in their box for about a month now. So, it was time to clean and (finally) do the review. Here you have the before pics (I do some work on the floor, and some on the card table):
The Mess, view #1

The Mess, view #2
After some MUCH NEEDED cleaning, organizing, purging, and "oh wow, I forgot I had that!", the room was clean and organized!
Clean room view #1

Clean room, view #2
The bins worked great and I was able to organize them by started projects, paper, stickers, finished projects, and accessories. Now let's see how long it will stay like this...... :)


  1. It looks great! I love an organized room but with four kiddos I find this almost impossible! But we try!

  2. Oh my goodness its like a different room? Where was the lil guy during all the cleaning??