Monday, October 18, 2010

Our sport is a matter of seconds

So if baseball is a matter of inches, then running is a matter of seconds. Hubby is running the NYC Marathon in a few weeks, so he tagged on 5 miles before running the Newport Half Marathon Sunday to get in his last long run, 18 miles.

When he got to mile 10 of the half marathon (really his mile 15), he realized that he was going to be really close to breaking 2:00 hrs for the half and started to pick it up. He booked it all the way to the finish, and when he crossed, the gun time was 2:01:58. Since he does not like wearing a watch while running (it's distracting or itchy or something, I don't know why???), he was constantly checking the website all day to see if the results were posted.

When the official results were posted, he saw this:


He broke 2:00!!!!! Wa-hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! One second, and he now has bragging rights forever that he broke the 2-hour mark!


  1. That definitely earns bragging rights. In fact I personally would have a shirt printed!!
    Good for him.

  2. That's awesome and I agree...definitely worth bragging rights! Yay!!! :0)

  3. wow, that's great!

    So cool that he's running NYC, I did the lottery but no go...good luck to him!