Monday, September 6, 2010

Newest Running Scrapbook Pages on Etsy

The latest in my premade running pages on Etsy is called "Runner Girl." You can check out the full listing, along with other photos, HERE. They are a blue and purple color sceme, with room for 4 photos and/or journaling, plus room for your race bib. Super cute!

Enjoy your Labor Day!
Laura Elaine


  1. Those would be great for anyone that does the Iron Girl events...I've done the 5K a few times and thinking I might take on the 10 miler this year :)!

  2. Hey you -- you won something over at my blog. Please send me your address when you get a moment. Thanks for following my journey, ma'am!

  3. Laura - I'm a reporter for and stumbled upon your blog. We do a section called Local Yocals where we profile interesting people in town. Looks like you'd be a great candidate for a story.
    Can you contact me at