Friday, September 17, 2010

Back in the Groove and Premade Wedding Scrapbook

I've been a little off lately. Off with running. Off with scrapbooking. Off with blogging. I've had some busy weeks and some unfortunate personal/family stuff going on.
But today I got my game face back on! Due to a scheduling mix-up at work, I had no patients scheduled for today, but had childcare lined up. Typically, I would have cancelled out the childcare and just gone about my day with Stephen. But today was different. I dropped Stephen off early and headed over to the Y (it was rainy and gross out) for a quick 2 miles on the treadmill, some foam-rolling and some core work. I have to say, it was sooooooo nice knowing that there was NOTHING that was going to rush or interrupt my workout (ie: poopy diaper, rushing to get to work). Running: back ON!

I stopped by 2 of my 3 favorite scrapbooking supply stores on my way home, got some new supplies, and sat down when I got back home for a 3 hour session. I was able to finish up this Wedding Scrapbook Album (HERE). Again, it was awesome to be able to just do what I needed/wanted to do without the threat of someone waking up from his nap. Although, there were a few times when I "thought" I heard something, but then had to remind myself that he wasn't there! Scrapbooking: back ON!
And here I am tonight. Just finished listing the Wedding Scrapbook on Etsy and now I'm letting you know all about it! Blogging: back ON!

Hopefully I can ride this new, postive wave for a few more weeks until I get back into my groove.

Have a great weekend!

Laura Elaine

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  1. I hear you about grooves - sometimes life gets in the way :)....Glad to hear you back on track and doing great!