Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - NYC Marathon Style!

New York City Marathon photos!
Welcome to the Expo

Check out the awesome shirt I got for the little guy - it says, "Future Marathoner"

Steve with his number

Ready to go at 4:45 am, right before he left my sister's apt in Astoria

Runners in Brooklyn, just before mile 8

"Run Daddy Run!"

Here comes Steve - just before mile 8

See ya at mile 16!

Back to the train we go!

Mile 16.5 and still smiling!

All this marathon watching makes me tired!

After his snooze - very excited about his chips from Loe

Where's Waldo?

Here comes Steve!!! Mile 26....only .2 to go!

High 5's

The Chilien Minor - he's behind the guy in the bright orange tank - he has the blue hat on - that's the camera crew in the golf cart in front of him

Steve's cheering crew
Thanks for your pretzels Daddy!
Showing off our shirts - the front said 2010 NYC Marathon and the back said "Run Steve Run" (Stephen's said Run Daddy Run :)
The family after - gotta love that 2-yr-old "cheese" smile :)


  1. so cool...having your hubby run to must be fun! love your new header! so sweet!

  2. great pics! what a gorgeous day! I love the picture at the top.

  3. It looks like it was a nice morning for a race. My kids would love to be able to take the train during a race! :)

  4. Awesome! Congrats to your hubby on a great race finish. Good job to you guys for following his journey through the course!