Thursday, November 4, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Haven't done one of these in a while, so here goes!

1 - Tomorrow morning we are NYC-bound! Hubby will be running in the New York City Marathon on Sunday! So proud of him since he had to be patient for this one. He was turned down by the lottery 3 years in a row, so 2010 is his year!!! His other marathons to date are:
Charlottesville, VA 2006
Chicago 2006
Boston 2008
Boston 2009
and now NYC 2010
He mentioned the other day that he has London in the back of his mind...hmmmmm...wouldn't mind taking a trip across the pond for that one! :)
I'll be back next week with a race report and hopefully great pics.
Run Steve Run!!! 2009 training run for Boston
2 - Today was a L-A-Z-Y day. It was rainy and cool, Stephen was whiny and clingy, so we decided to stay in our PJs alllllll day. It was great! We colored leaves, played a leaf matching game, made some granola, watched Mickey, finally finished hanging up the Buzz and Woody wall clings in his big-boy room, and "took a run" up and down the hallway about 100 times (his new favorite game.) Sometimes you just need days like that....ahhhhhh.
3 - I have a new plan in place for the rest of the year to get my butt out of this lazy funk I've been in with running. 400 miles is going to be my goal. I'm right around 330, so it is COMPLETELY attainable. I know it sounds like nothing to some of you (awesome!!!) runners who are aiming for, or already reached, 1000. But I need something to keep me motivated, especially with the holidays quickly approaching. I hope this will work!!!! I'll be lacing up tomorrow before we leave :)
Have a great weekend!
Laura Elaine


  1. Have fun in NYC and good luck to your hubby!! :)

  2. Have fun in New York. I cannot wait to hear all about it!

  3. New York! How exciting! Good luck to your husband!! :0) Y'all have fun!

  4. Very cool things...Good luck with your 400 - I'm sure you're probably already there!