Friday, February 4, 2011

Treadmill Distance PR!!!

I headed over to the Y today, thinking that I would do 3, maybe 4 miles on the treadmill. I started out at my usual, 6 mph. I flew through the first 3/4 of a mile - that was the first time I looked down at the distance/time - and continued to do well until 2 1/2. From there 'til 3 was TOUGH. I debated finishing up and calling it a day, but I still had 45 min. until I needed to get Munchie from daycare. I talked myself into trying 4. Mile 3 to mile 4 was a breeze, so I thought I would finish up with 4 1/2. Once I got to 4 1/2, I talked myself into 5.

Now let me back up a little. Steve and I had signed up to do the Super Sunday 10K at Castle Island in South Boston this Sunday. We had arranged for a sitter (Steve's cousin) and then we were going to join them to watch the game after we ran. I was really looking forward to this as we haven't raced since Thanksgiving and it was going to be some nice "couple" time for the two of us.

But unfortunately, the race has been postponed due to weather. It's just going to be to HOT and SUNNY and BEAUTIFUL out at Castle Island on Sunday.

HAHA just kidding!!!! Apparently there is no where for us to run due the massive amounts of snow we have! It's unsafe for the streets to be blocked off (huh???) and the sidewalks are buried under 50+ inches of snow. Boooooo

(Not really 50 inches, but she looks happy, right????)

Anyways, once I approached 5 miles and I wasn't dieing, I knew I had to finish the 10K. 6.2 miles on a treadmill. The most I've ever done is 4, maybe 4.5 on the dreadmill. But I was feeling it today, so I took a 30 second break at 5 miles, lowered the speed to 5.5 mph and chugged along until I finished the 10k!!!!!!! 63 minutes, 40 seconds - a 10:16 pace! So proud!


  1. Awesome job! You do know that once you do a 10K it's just a matter of time until you do a full marathon on the treadmill right?

    Okay, maybe I'm the only one nuts enough to do that :)!

    Sorry to hear your race was postponed, I know you were looking forward to it.

  2. Congrats Laura! What an accomplishment! Also, it is good to hear that someone else does the mental self negotiating while running too :)

    ALSO I was sooooo excited to see you in my headbands on your blog! You and your fam are so cute!

  3. WOW! Hooray for you! That's quite a feat. I hate the dreadmill too. I do better on it if I keep randomly adjusting the speed and incline to make it interesting, but I guess you don't want to slow down in a race ;) Congrats on your new PR :)

  4. AWESOME! Way to go!!!! Sorry about the postponed race...

  5. Yeah yeah you!!! Congratulations! Sweet job, Laura!