Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Virtual Race Report - Mama Goes Masters!

I set off for the Y this morning since we had another rainy day here in Mass. I honestly don't know the last time that I ran on a treadmill - sometime in the early spring I think. And 4 on the 'mill is a LOT for me. But I was feeling really good this morning and knew it was either the treadmill or outside in the rain, pushing the jogger (which I don't think is very fair to the little guy!)

I left Stephen at Child Watch, screaming of course, dropped my stuff in the locker room, and then headed downstairs. I think part of the motivation that got me through was knowing that he was upstairs, and the longer that I went without one of the workers coming down to get me, the greater my chances were that he was fine upstairs and I would be able to finish my run without having to rescue him!

I forgot my headphones and Ipod, so I just tuned to Sports Center with closed caption and away I went. Nothing too exciting. Finished the 4 miles in 42:17 - not too bad! I bet I could have gone faster if I was outside though!

And since I was inside at the Y, I didn't have my camera or phone on me, so once we got back to the car, I snapped this quick pic on my phone. Glad that the sunlight makes me look like I have no neck :)

Can't wait to read everyone else's race reports and Happy Birthday MCM Mama!
Laura Elaine
PS - stayed tuned for my VERY FIRST giveaway! It has something to do with CSN Stores....

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