Sunday, January 30, 2011

Suck it up Buttercup Virtual Race Report

Michel over at Baby Weight My Fat Ass is hosting a virtual 5k, Suck it up, Buttercup! for the month of January. I somehow missed when she first posted this, but came across it last night. We have an upcoming 10k next weekend (Super Sunday 5k/10k in South Boston), but I haven't been running outside because of the cold. I thought it would be a perfect chance for me to reunite with the pavement and get my mind/body back out running in the cold.

It was 25 degrees when I left the house at 8:45. It took me about a half mile to really warm up - those first 5 minutes my face was COLD! I had on 3 layers on top, and put shorts on over my running tights for some extra warmth. I have issues running with a winter hat becuase of the ponytail factor (I need to get one of those ones with the hole in it!) so I was wearing my winter headband over my ears/forehead.

The 5k I did today is probably one of my favorite routes to take around here - I've done it 100s of times, it's a good mix of hills, and it never feels too far. Today it took me a little longer than usual, since I was darting the snow and ice. My time was 31:09 and I'm happy with that!

I felt great the whole time. This was just what my mind needed - I just couldn't take even the thought of running on the treadmill today, and it helped me to feel more confident for the 10k next weekend (outside!).

Happy Running!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

We got dumped on AGAIN and some new Disney Scrapbooks

I can't even keep track of how much snow we've gotten in the past 3 or 4 weeks. It's great!!(except for the fact that I haven't been able to run outside.....). We got about another foot last night and here is Stephen riding his bike it it - he thought it was hilarious! The snow is almost 4 feet tall in most spots and the snowbanks at the end of our driveway are easily over 6 feet tall! It's crazy!!! Now who wants to come watch this adorable 2-year-old so we can go skiing? :)

I've also been busy at work on my scrapbooks. I've gone away from my usual Runner's Race Bib Books/Scrapbooks and am doing some themed ones. The two I finished up today are for the Gooofy Challenge (Disney half marathon one day, followed by the full marathon the next day). and one for just the Disney Marathon. They are both for sale at my Etsy shop, Laura Elaine Designs (HERE). Next on my list: Princess Half Marathon, Boston Marathon, and (finally) finishing up my husband's NYC Marathon Book (sorry Steve, you got pushed to the back of the list!). Any other races/themes you'd like to see in my Etsy shop? Let me know!
Goofy Challenge Bib Pages (shown with random bibs I have as samples):

Goofy Challenge page 2 and 3:

Cover of the Goofy Challenge Book:

Happy Friday!

CSN Stores Giveaway WINNER!

There were 51 entries in my $35 CSN Stores Giveaway. selected lucky #15 as the winner...congrats to traciet! Tracie, I will email you the details. Thanks again to all who entered!

Don't forget I'm offering 10% off your entire purchase over at my Etsy shop, Laura Elaine Designs, where I make and sell Runner's Race Bib Scrapbooks. Enter code VAL1o on checkout, but hurry, this code is only good until January 31!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Etsy Shop Makeover, Coupon Code, & Giveaway Reminder

My Etsy shop has gotten a makeover! My cousin Val designed my new banner for me (see above, or check out the real deal HERE), and with her help I will also be getting some new invoices, business cards, and return address labels. Thanks Val!
In honor of the makeover, I'm offering a 10% discount on all purchases at my Etsy shop, Laura Elaine Designs. Just enter code "VAL10" on checkout. But hurry, the offer is only good until Monday, January 31st. (Ohhhhh....just in time for Valentine's Day!)
And one last reminder....tomorrow is the last time to enter my CSN Stores $35 Giveaway. Head on over to the full post HERE to enter. Good luck!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't forget about my CSN Stores $35 Giveaway!

You know you are in the middle of a cold, snowy winter when your town is at the top of the list for daily snowfall amounts, and you think, "Oh, only 9 inches? That's not too bad". We've had about 50 inches of snow here in Mass this winter. And it's still January! Love it!!! Just wish we could get out and enjoy it more - skiing, snow shoeing, etc. It was so pretty today!

PS - Don't forget about my CSN Stores $35 Giveaway HERE

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

CSN Stores $35 gift card GIVEAWAY

I was recently contacted again by CSN Stores to be the host of a $35 giveaway to their stores. If you aren't familiar with them already, CSN Stores are a collection of over 200 online sites that offer anything and everything you could want to purchase online, including workout gear, modern bedding, and even kids items!

When browsing through their modern bedding, I came across some adorable bedding sets for Munchie - Frankie's Firetruck Kid Bedding Collection:
Jungle Adventure:

All Star Sports:

So head on over and check out all of their awesome items!

Now for what you are waiting for....the details of the giveaway! One lucky reader will win a coupon code worth $35 to CSN Stores. Winner will be chosen via

Here's how to enter - the first 2 are MANDATORY:

1) Be a follower of this blog (leave me a comment)

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The following are EXTRA ENTRIES, once you complete the 2 above:

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Giveaway runs through next Wednesday, January 26th and winner will be announced on Thursday, Januarty 27th.

Good luck!

I was not compensated in any way for this giveaway. All opinions are my own.

Runner Die Cuts on my Etsy Site

I am trying a new "accessory" for sale on my Etsy site. I have had multiple question of where I get the runner silhouettes that I use in my Race Bib Books. The answer is.....I make them! I have a Cricut Machine, which makes all kinds of die-cuts, depending on what cartridges you have for it. The runners measure between 2 and 5 inches and are perfect for making scrapbooks, cards, picture frames, etc. If you are interested in purchasing these die-cuts, please feel free to visit my Etsy shop, Laura Elaine Designs, HERE, or click on any of the following pictures to take you to that particular listing. All are $1.00 plus $0.50 shipping.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Miles logged and Goals

I finally was feeling well enough today to get out and log my FIRST running miles of 2011. And it's already January 16th! Yikes! It was COLD but felt great to sweat again. My lungs were burning breathing in the cold air, but at least I could breathe out of my nose again!

On Friday Steve and I went to a nearby State Park, Purgatory Chasm. It is by far one of our favorite places to visit, any season of the year. We snowshoed for about an hour and a half in the peaceful, snow-covered woods. It was awesome and I can't wait to do it again.
On another note, I have finally finalized my goals for 2011. I am going to try and check in at the end of each month to track my progress in each of these areas. In no particular order:
1 - Run/walk/hike/snow-shoe 500 miles
2 - Eat healthy, natural food. I wish that our family could afford to eat organic 100% of the time, but we will do the best with what we have. We really have made some good changes this year away from processed food.
3 - Get Munchie potty-trained. He will be 2 1/2 on Feb. 1 and we have been less than consistant so far in our efforts
4 - Try to be more patient with Munchie in his ever-curious 2-year-old learning
5 - Go to church more
6 - Create and list at least one scrapbook per week on my Etsy site
7 - Limit my time on the computer - I really need to stop mindless facebook-surfing of "friends" that I haven't seen or talked to in 15 years
8 - Expand our family :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Ok Motivation, you can come back, I signed up for a race!!

On paper, I did not achieve my 400 mile goal for 2010. There I said it. I have written and re-written and tried to get out of writing this post, but it had to be said. All in all, I came up short and wasn't able to make up the last 12 miles during the holidays. In the back of my head, I already KNEW that I had completed 400, just not documented. I didn't start tracking my miles until the end of February - one 4-mile run the last week. I KNOW that I ran at least 12 miles in January and the beginning of February, but it just would have been cooler to see it in writing. There, I admitted it.

Moving on.....I haven't run yet in 2011. We begain the year up in Vermont, skiing with college friends. Due the the slopes and the alcohol consumed, there was no running that weekend! And I have been sick since last Wednesday, hense no miles logged. I didn't even go to work Wednesday, and probably shouldn't have gone today, either. So I decided I needed to sign up for a race to help get the ball rolling and invite Mr. Motivation back into my life!

Super Sunday 10k, here we come! I knew that a 5k would not be enough motivation, so when my husband found this race in South Boston on Superbowl Sunday, I knew it was perfect. We signed up last night, arranged for a babysitter (who ends up is having a Superbowl party that day too!), and then I got my new running skirt in the mail today! Now if only someone could turn off the faucet, aka my nose, I can get my first 2011 miles logged......

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Etsy Treasury

One of my sets of premade Running Scrapbook pages made it into a treasury, called Born to Run! It is among other running items from Etsy and can be viewed HERE.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome 2011 and Re-opening of my Etsy shop

So 2011 is here! We had lots of good times had with friends ringing in the new year up in VT, but now it is back to business! I had stopped taking custom orders for a few weeks during Christmas so that I could finish up my own shopping and holiday stuff. I am proud to say that my Etsy shop, Laura Elaine Designs, is now back up and functioning at 100%. I have eight Runner Race Bib Books in the works, with the one I just completed HERE. The front cover of it is shown above.

I will be finished up the others over the next few days and listing them as I get a chance! I hope to re-stock the shop with lots of new designs for bib books.

If you are looking for a certain color and/or theme, please feel free to ask! I also have some cute new die-cuts that I can personalize the "runner" on the front to match hair color, hair style, shirt, skirt, shorts, and/or sneakers! Super cute!
I hope to post my goals for 2011 (running, scrapbooking, and otherwise!) later this week. I have been enjoying reading everyone else's goals.....very motivating! Keep it up!